Principal’s Message .

Dr.K.S.Gopalakrishnan M.A., M.L., Ph.D.,

The name of Government Law College Coimbatore (GLC CBE) is written in letters of gold in the history of Legal Education in Tamil Nadu. Since 1979, this institution has been producing legal luminaries who have adored chairs of great responsibilities throughout the globe. The college is most preferred for its natural location in the feet of Western Ghats and for the dedicated faculty members. The College works on a mission with a vision of futurist approach. The last academic year, talents of the students were brought to light by the various clubs namely Moot Court Club, Cultural Committee, Legal Intellectual Club, and Sports Club. Thought provoking, inspiring address by various legal luminaries across the state highly motivated the students excel in academics, sports and other extra-curricular activities thus taking the name of this institution to great heights of glory. NSS and YRC are rendering yeomen service to the society and are lauded by the public. On the whole apart from academics meticulous care is taken to shape the students in all walks of life and give the society best responsible citizens. The Post Graduate Department M.L (Business Law) studies also excel in all spheres of activities and many of them have adored the Bench than the Bar. GLC CBE believes legal studies are the means to an end, for, it is the law graduates who have the power to transform our society with their knowledge, skill and sense of purpose. Once you enter GLC CBE – you will gain a foundation that marks you out as a complete professional with the nurturing of ideals and values which enable you to play a positive role in creating a better world. Immaterial of whether it is the corporate houses, or the field of environment Law or be in the pursuit of protecting human rights and preservation of social justice.
Success of any institution is in the hands of an able administrator. GLC CBE owes its achievements to the Respected Director of Legal Studies Dr.N.S.Santhosh Kumar who has been the moral fiber extending his fullest support and assistance in all the activities. He is an embodiment of simplicity and epitome of humility who has enabled me to carve a special name for GLC CBE in the Legal Education of Tamil Nadu.

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