Library Rules

  1. Absence from the college will not be admitted as an excuse for delay in the return of books. Books that are in great demand may be lent for such shorter period as may be necessary, and books lent out may be recalled at any time, if required, and the borrowers are fond to return them as required by the Librarian.
  2. Books may be renewed for a further period of three weeks provided.
  3. The renewal applications is made two days before the due date
  4. No other student has applied for the book in the meantime
  5. In case a book requisitioned by a student is not available readily, he can apply for reservation of the book for himself.
  6. The borrower, before leaving the counter, must satisfy himself as to whether the books lent out are in good condition. Any damage to book should be immediately reported to the Librarian failing which the student to whom the book was issued will be held responsible for the replacement of the book by a good copy.
  7. If a book is lost, the student shall be called upon to replace the book by a good copy or to pay five times the cost there of or more as per the directions of the Principal. Otherwise the transfer certificate will not be issued to the student.
  8. When a particular volume of a set of book is lost or damaged the student shold replace the volume or pay the value of the whole set.
  9. All library fines must be paid to the Librarian before the end of the week during which the fine is notified. Library books will not be issued to those who own fines.
  10. All the library books borrowed from the lending section on the library tickets shall be returned to the library on the last working day of the academic year or any other date notified by the Principal since the books will not be issued after the date.
  11. If the books are not returned, over-due charges at the rate of Rs2/- per book per day will be levied after the last working day. If a student fails to return the books on or before the last working day his failure will be treated as a case of misconduct and he will not be permitted to appear for University Examinations.
  12. The students shall pay along with the tuition fees the prescribed library caution deposit which will be refunded at the time of leaving the college after clearing library dues, if any.

Library Regulations

  1. On no account students are permitted to borrow on other students tickets. Students are prohibited from sub lending the books.
  2. Students causing any damage to periodical shall be required to replace the same and be subjected to further disciplinary action.
  3. Any marking, underlining or tearing of pages from books is forbidden and missing of pages will entire payment of the cost of the book or more as per the directions of the Principal.
  4. Those who have consumed any intoxicating substance shall not enter the Library. If anyone is found to be in a drunken state in the Library premises, a criminal complaint will be lodged and disciplinary action will also be taken.
  5. Smoking within the Library premises is strictly prohibited. Any breach in this regard will entail disciplinary action.
  6. Strict silence and decorum should be observed in the library.