Library services

The main function of Lending section is to issue books to the Students and Faculties.

Lending Service:

  1. After admission to the college, each student will be provided with two library tickets. One book will be issued to a student in exchange for each ticket which will be handed over to him when he returns the books.
  2. Applications for books in the prescribed form containing the name of the author, title of the book, the name and class of the student and date, should be filed in the respective slips & hand over to the lending section staff..
  3. Books should be issued/returned before 10.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. by the morning and afternoon session respectively.
  4. To avoid disappointment in getting the books applied for students are advised to write on the back of their application forms names of two or more alternative books required by them in the order of preference.
  5. If a book falls due on a working day and remains unreturned, fine will accrue for all the working days on which the book has been retained. But if the due date happens to be a holiday for the college, it may be returned on the next working day without fine.  If the due date however falls on holidays, the book shall be returned before such holidays.
  6. Books in lending section may be borrowed for a period of three weeks and shall be returned on the date last marked on the due date slip on the front page to each book.